Why do I need a title search and what is involved in a title search?

1. A title search is a process of determining from the public land records what rights there are to the property which you are about to purchase and who owns those rights.

2.  Typically a title search looks at the chain of title, the history of ownership, starting sixty years back and going forward to the present owner.

 3.  The title search can tell you and your lender who bought and sold the property over the years and if there are any open liens, such as mortgages, deeds of trust or potential other owners who may need to sign the deed.

 4.  In addition, the title search provides the present status of real estate taxes and other municipal charges that may be due and payable from previous years.

 5.  In addition, a judgment search will be performed to determine whether there are any unsatisfied judgments, federal or state income tax liens, mechanic’s liens or other judgments against the seller or prior owners that attached to the property over the last 12 years.