“Wachovia has had the privilege of banking Granite Title, Inc., since their inception, and they have not only been a wonderful client from that perspective, but have provided outstanding title settlement services to numerous other clients.

Martha A. Willemain, V.P. (Wachovia Bank, N.A.)

“I am always pleased with the high level of service I receive from Granite Title. They are very accommodating to my real estate closing needs as well as the needs of my clients. I know the title process and settlement will be conducted accurately and on time every time I work with them. ”

Jennifer L. Eberwein (Home Loan Consultant, Countrywide Home Loans)

“I was very pleased with the excellent service I received from Granite Title. The staff was courteous, polite, knowledgeable and provided me with a seamless problem free settlement. ”

Richard Luery (Bethesda, Maryland)